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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been around since prehistoric times and is a widely accepted form of therapy today that's known to have a high and rapid success rate.  Hypnotherapy seeks to find the root cause of an issue held in the subconscious mind and brings it to a level of conscious understanding for the client, which is the basis for healing and change.  Once the root cause and understanding of its origin is achieved, the client is then ready to reframe the cause or event to serve their life goals and true intentions.  After reframing, the therapist will lead you into a powerful transformational hypnosis which will be recorded and you'll listen to daily for a minimum of 21 days to hard wire the new subconscious beliefs into your mind.  The rewiring happens in the session with your therapist and the hardwiring occurs within the 21 day period that follows, as you listen to your recording daily.  You will require 1-3 sessions in total.

The alpha brain wave state is accessed in hynpotherapy, making specific focus and adaptation to new and supportive suggestions possible.  When in hynposis, a client is always aware of what's happening and in complete control of their body, mind and surroundings.  It is similar to a state of deep relaxation. 

When you have an issue or problem that's holding you back from living the life you desire, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective therapies available in the world today and it's the secret weapon to those who have leveraged it to propel themselves forward. 

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

RTT is the method developed by Amazon best-selling author and Hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, who has helped CEO's, Royalty, Olympians and many more overcome their issues from Phobias to depression to weight issues.  Marisa's one-of-a-kind method utilizes various tools such as hypnotherapy to bring about powerful and permanent change to those seeking freedom from various issues.  RTT utilizes a specific formula that is highly effective in helping clients understand and change the subconscious patterns that are running their behaviour.   While the fundamental formula is consistent across therapy sessions, each RTT session may be slightly different as your therapist selects specific tools to support your personalized path to freedom.  After 30 plus years of guiding her clients to profound and permanent change for a vast suite of issues (such as depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, low confidence, public speaking fears, weight issues, trauma, etc), Marisa distilled the most effective therapy tools and created the world renowned RTT method, and teaches it to therapists all over the world.  I was fortunate enough to train directly with Marisa Peer at The New York Academy of Medicine where I earned my certification under Marisa's guidance. 

Session Details and Pricing

Session Details

A RTT session lasts approximately 90 minutes (up to 2 hours) and sessions with children are shorter to accommodate their needs.  Sara offers both in-person sessions at her office in Kelowna, BC Canada and Zoom or Skype sessions for international and distance clients.  For corporate clients, she also offers onsite training and sessions at their corporate offices. 

One-on-one RTT sessions include a 21 Day Follow Up call to assess client results and next steps and a custom Transformational Recording that Sara records in the RTT session.  To reach optimal results, clients listen to their recording daily for 21 days minimum to hard wire their new, updated program into the subconscious mind.


Sara uses a variety of pricing schedules based on the situational dynamics of each of her clients.  Additionally, she has multiple service packages when it comes to retaining her services such as: 

  • One-on-one RTT Session 

  • Package of 3 RTT Sessions

  • Group RTT Sessions for Specific Issues

  • Intensive 6 Month One-On-One Package designed for those wanting to partner with Sara to overcome a major issue or transition. There is immeasurable power in surrounding oneself with the right resources and team when embarking on a profound life change.  Sara guides her Intensive clients through their transformation and gives them the focused professional guidance and support needed to optimize their journey through change.


To learn more, please email Sara at to schedule your complimentary 20 minute Consultation Call.

Corporate Services: Sara offers corporate services and packages to accommodate an organization's needs, whether involving a management team, organizational training and education or one-on-one sessions.   She conducts on site training and sessions at her client's corporate offices, along with video conference sessions via Zoom/Skype. Please contact her to discuss your needs and she will provide further information on corporate packages and service options.

Payment Methods: Your session fee is paid via etransfer or credit card payment 24 hours in advance of your session, to confirm your appointment.

Advice When Looking For Help

When you're ready for change, it's important that you align with someone you trust and believe can help you achieve your goals.  Spend the time to interview several people and go with the one you connect with the most.  This connection should be one of trust and non-judgment and your chosen hypnotherapist/coach/guide should provide a safe and confidential environment where you can explore and understand the aspects of your mind that are interfering with your success.  Once you've chosen the right fit for you, put your faith and belief in them, and in yourself, and trust that change is absolutely possible and what you want is available to you.  This will ensure success and optimal results.

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I look forward to the opportunity to support and guide you on your path to ultimate freedom and success.  It can start right here.
To your freedom and fulfilment,
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