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Business Numerology and Performance Consulting

BUSINESS NUMEROLOGY: A company and its people are an energy system that can be assessed through the untapped science of Numerology.  Numerology is a science that was developed in ancient Greece by the well-known philosopher, Pythagoras.  Numerology is a powerful and reliable diagnostic system for identifying patterns, strengths and zones of greatest potential for people and teams. Numbers, which are essentially unique frequencies, underlie everything in our world.  Every company has its own blueprint, as does every individual within the company.  Sara can assess and diagnose areas of challenge and provide recommendations to adjust the energy within your organization for greater performance and an insider view of what is truly going on beneath the surface.  This can be done at a macro level (we assess the company itself - Name, Location, Address, Branding, Messaging, Service, Purpose, Mission) and a micro level (studying individual teams or members and how their energy dynamics impact the whole). 

The Numbers speak for themselves and the use of this system in business can be an impressively accurate 'secret' resource for massive performance gains, for those leaders who leverage its insider information.  


PERFORMANCE CONSULTING: By also employing the award winning and world renowned RTT formula and key Subconscious Upgrading Techniques, Sara guides her business clients to rapid, exciting and measurable results that clear unseen limitations and issues, at their root.  Sara has the expertise to assess and assist leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and their teams to the root cause of performance issues, guiding her clients to meaningful change through a new, empowering mindset and a deeper understanding of the strengths and talents held within the blueprint of an individual or company. 




Our understanding of the mind and recent studies in neuroscience have proven that human change is not nearly as difficult as once thought.  And it can happen rapidly, when the right tools and formulas are applied.  


Are you intrigued to know more about how NUMBERS & NEUROSCIENCE can support your success and those you lead?  

Do you want rapid, real results and a clear picture of the invisible yet highly tangible energy system of your organization?

Contact Sara at to schedule a Business Consultation to discover this breakthrough consulting in Numerology Diagnostics and mindset re-training that can lead your organization to peak performance.

Sara offers various corporate services and packages when it comes to retaining her services.  She will evaluate your needs, whether involving organizational training and education, management team focus or one-on-one sessions.  She conducts on site training and sessions at her client's corporate offices, along with video conference sessions via Zoom/Skype. Please contact her to discuss your needs. 

Artful Trader Podcast:  Listen to an interview Sara did with Michael McCarthy from CMC Markets on their amazing podcast series, The Artful Trader. 
Sara and Michael discuss how traders can powerfully unlock their subconscious mind to reclaim lost confidence and rapidly improve their trading performance.
Sara's recent Interview:  Sara discusses the problems with trading from fear in her work on the psychology of trading at the New York Traders EXPO!
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