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Are YOU a Pattern in Nature? - Numerology

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

If you’ve ever heard of the Fibonacci Sequence in nature and the Golden Ratio (just google this stuff if you haven’t!), you already understand that nature herself has a scientifically verifiable way of creating through highly specific patterns.

Essentially, the science of mathematics has revealed that there are numbers, sequences, and patterns underlying all of creation. Creation is a mathematical event and Nature does this, at least in part, to optimize efficiencies we believe. I would argue to also optimize the breathtaking grandeur of nature’s expression because so much of what nature creates probably doesn’t need to be THAT stunning and awe-inspiring to fulfill its function. Beauty-inspired form is clearly part of the plan too!

It’s wild and it can get super complex but let’s try to keep it simple to take a peek at how understanding the patterns underlying nature can help us to understand and solve our problems, as humans, and find real solutions to living with optimal efficiency too.

If nature is a creative force that has identifiable patterns underlying the “matter” we experience as this world, like the way the petals of a rose are mathematically and sequentially arranged, and given that we’re a part of nature too, is it not perfectly logical to ask the question: What patterns exist in human beings?

How are we the same or different and are there predictable patterns of people with distinct tendencies, gifts and skills? Or, are the building blocks of the human species a totally random effect with unpredictable variability?

I can’t claim a perfect understanding or picture of this (nobody really can) but I will claim that I see clear, reliable and distinct patterns in people, based on their Numerology. There is a Code of Numbers, mathematics, that underlies human existence and I believe this Code is a perfect plan to create wholeness in humanity. We are, each of us, created in a very specific way (with specific “Coding”) to fulfill a particular contribution, which can be revealed by one’s personal Numbers.

If you study Numerology and the properties, tendencies, and functions of each number from 0-9, you’ll find, with stunning reliability, a predictable pattern associated with each number as you apply those Numbers to the living and material world around you.

Then, if you apply these Numbers to the people nearest and dearest to you (based on their birthdate and the letters in their names), you’ll see the same tendencies and propensities within them, that the Numbers themselves independently represent.

But are we all just a dull mirror of the numbers that make us up with no individuality or uniqueness? No, not at all!

What makes us unique as individuals is that we all have a specific and different total blueprint that consists of 6 basic Numbers. The particular combination of those numbers and where they fall on your blueprint, makes you much like a snowflake, unlike like anyone else and yet we’re all made up of some basic combination of these 9 Numbers, on a whole. Isn’t that magical?

It’s like music. Music can be terrifically complex but it comes from the same basic foundation of notes.

I love this quote from one of my favourite movies, A Star is Born:

“Music is essentially 12 notes between any octave. Twelve notes and the octave repeats. It’s the same story told over and over. All the artist can offer the world is how they see those 12 notes.” Bobby – A Star is Born

There are only 12 notes but there are thousands, if not millions, of songs that have been written with those same 12 notes. How many variations can be created from them? Infinite variations!

The very same is true for our Numerology Blueprints! And if we utilize what each of our Numbers has to offer, we optimize our time on Earth and ultimately serve Humanity, at large.

This brings me to think of anyone who has achieved a level of greatness in their field and advanced our society or ability to achieve and evolve, in some way. They were, essentially, optimizing the gifts that nature gave them! I believe that such levels of excellence are available to all of us and the only question is: what did nature give YOU and are you prepared to fully step into that blueprint of potential and express that particular type of natural genius held within you?

This is the greatest adventure any of us can embark on and, if the invitation is accepted, it will surely yield for you a life of joy, fulfillment, love and abundance, not to mention the benefits to the human family and planet earth from you being your genius self and creating, contributing and serving from that Code; your natural potential!

The ability to tap into and leverage all that nature has given us is the secret to achieving our true potential and Numerology can guide us there with profound insights, lasting validation, and clear guidance.

When I share someone’s Numbers with them, their confidence is often instantly elevated and they are moved to take action in the direction of their dreams, which were careful seeds/visions already planted in their higher consciousness and are perfectly supported by their CODE.

Our Numbers are much like a treasure map that can guide us straight to the GOLD, setting us free to be our TRUE SELVES and to live exceptional lives. I believe that nature intended that for us and also wanted us to do it with optimal efficiency, beauty and grace, much like the rose.

That’s why she gave us 2 things, 1) Numbers/Mathematics and 2) the ability to decipher and DECODE the Numbers/Mathematics/Patterns underlying each person, place or thing, in order for us to understand, optimize and use the gifts and bounty of nature.

Put yet another way: Nature gave each of us a User Manual when we dropped into this lifetime and you can read the manual and move through life with very few “system breakdowns or errors” OR you can burn the manual and guess your way through it. It’s like that time you tried to assemble IKEA furniture without the manual; how many mistakes, swears, sweating and backtracking happened before you realized you should have just read the manual and taken each step, as laid out for you, which would have been (ludicrously) easier, faster, smoother and a lot more fun!! Because, let's face it, greater efficiency equals greater equanimity and equanimity is the foundation for excellence!

It brings me so much joy and happiness to help others read their 'instruction manual' and learn about their brilliant set of Numbers! The moment someone sees their blueprint and begins to connect the dots, they realize that the dreams they’ve always had, which perhaps felt silly and unrealistic, were already written into their Code and simply waiting to blossom with natural efficiency and beauty, just like the Rose.

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