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How 2 Chin-Ups Broke my 'Glass Ceiling' - Human Potential

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I was frickin tired. For some reason, my mind was busy working the night before and in full creative mode from 1am -4:30am. Sometimes, at least once a month, my creative brain decides to unleash a ton of content in the middle of the night. It's always worth it but I have less energy the next day. Well, I went to train with my totally amazing, positive, hyped-up trainer, Giles, at the end of my work day and I walked into the gym with the following words on my lips: "I'm tired Giles. My energy is pretty low because I didn't sleep much last night."

Giles laughed robustly, as he always does, and scoffed at my excuse. He said he'd fix that for me. And the torture ("fun") began with an olympic lifting session. We actually moved through a great workout that had me building energy, strength and momentum as we added weight and difficulty to my lifts. For the last round of olympic lifting, I broke a personal record and thought we were about to wrap up. But in true Giles fashion, we weren't quite finished. He had one more surprise for me. It went like this: "So Sara ....(classic and intentional Giles pause to build excitement or fear) we are going to do one more exciting thing before we wrap up are going to do 2 chin-ups in a row, no breaks, for the first time!" If you know Giles, you can imagine his enthusiasm and giant smile, at this point. I was like, "Giles, this is not the day for a huge challenge?! I'm low energy, tired. I'm not sure I can do it". The last time I did more than one chin up, back to back and unassisted, was when I was 12. I'm 43. My odds weren't good. But we'd been working on this by doing reverse chin ups for months and building my strength slowly, over time. I was confident with reverse chin ups but doing the real thing had kinda been haunting me. BUT, I wanted to be able to do this really, really badly, for some burning reason. I didn't want to attempt the giant feat until all the variables were stacked in my favour. A good night's sleep the night before, being one of them. But Giles wouldn't cave to my excuses and hesitation. He said it was the day and it was happening. Now. I didn't fight back because I trust him. Admittedly, I was a tad psyched-out as I approached the chin up bar. I'm sure Giles could see the impending doom in my expression. Why did I want this so badly? And why was failing at it something I did NOT want to face? Because I didn't want to find out that I couldn't do it. Limitations are a part of being human but I find if I don't constantly bust through the ceiling of every limit I face, a feeling of powerlessness can creep in. It could be subtle and even unconscious but that old energy of contraction sets in if I'm not doing things that are scary or appear to be beyond my current capabilities. Not facing and overcoming challenge after challenge does something to dampen my spirit. I wholeheartedly believe we are here to constantly expand and grow and when we aren't tasting that, and so becoming stagnant, I have noticed that doubt can begin to filter in, or even rush in. It's a momentum we want to manage and stay on the right side of, if we're truly interested in personal freedom. It looks a little like: get good at something, enjoy it for 11 minutes and then find a way to exceed that or go beyond it in your mind, set out to make it happen and face all that fear that comes with challenging yourself, achieve the next level, coast and enjoy it for a solid 11 minutes until the desire creeps in for MORE...and turn your gaze towards the stars again.

As my father always said, "Shoot for the stars and you might hit the tree tops". I believe human limitations serve us in discovering our true power. If we could just manifest everything in the blink of an eye, there would be no rediscovery of this joy and exhilaration of remembering that we are actually limitless! Limits are here to show us that we are infinitely powerful. We just need to bust through each limit in a human kinda way, with work and commitment. That doesn't sound sexy but the people who've done that are polished into the most unique and resilient expressions of spirit on this planet. I'm 43 but that doesn't mean I can't reach higher and higher goals of strength and performance. Age is a mindset and so is the entire realm of possibilities....anything is possible. Period. That's the story I am sticking to. So, did I do it? You better believe it!! I have the video to prove it too. Giles and I both cheered like I'd just won the 100M at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It was a sweet moment. Victory. Limitlessness remembered. Thank you, Giles. Sometimes we need to borrow the belief that others have in us and I think that's a good practice if it helps us step up to the bar and go for it. I want more of that for myself and for all of us: To just step up and do it. Just DO IT. Here's to crushing the next 'limit' parading as reality in front of you. You are much more than that perceived block apparently standing in your way and so am I. Thank you, Giles, for not seeing the limits in me but seeing my true potential and for setting up the steps to help me achieve this win. It turns out, it meant much more than either of us realized during our preparation and that's pretty cool. Who knew two silly chin ups could remind me that anything is possible?

And how does this relate to Numerology? Interestingly, and not coincidentally, I am a 4 Lifepath and one idea that's of greatest inspiration to me is that: We are Limitless as humans. The 4 Lifepath, however, must learn to work and evolve through their limits, and trust that by taking a step-by-step approach, they will achieve higher and higher levels in life. In short, we 4's need to do the work, without shortcuts, to activate our limitless nature. It's a cool lesson that makes total sense for me, given I am particularly drawn to the dazzling allure of being limitless and, yet, I'm a 4 Lifepath which requires hard work and careful foundation building for greater and greater achievement.

So, I've made a deal with life: I get to be limitless as long as I'm willing to take steps every day in service of my mission. That's a deal I can accept and since the outcome is inevitable (I choose to believe that), I must be on my way. My conclusion in all of this?

Limits are illusions waiting to be transcended to reveal the limitless nature of being human... Love, Sara


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