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How Polysporin Under a Picnic Table Reminded Me of Magic - The Power of Thoughts

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

This is as weird as titles get, I know, but stick with me...I promise it’ll be worth it.

I recently shared my current mantra: my purpose is to awaken myself and others to the magic that is life itself.

Why is this my mantra? Because all is well when I’m living in the miracle of it all. Without the magic and miracles, we can slip into an existentially weighted abyss. The awareness of miracles keeps that spooky abyss at bay. And when I see evidence of the unseen forces supporting us in every second and with perfection, I’m reminded of the creative input we all possess.

Well, this week has felt less than magical and I woke up this morning, recognizing that I wasn’t in my ‘zone’ so I went back to the mantra and basically decided I was going to look for the perfection all around me.

In my own private way, I made a request to be reminded of what I know is true - that we are living in a world of our creation and we’re building momentum with every belief, thought, emotion and dream that we focus on.

So fast forward an hour later...I’m on my morning dog walk, totally distracted by a cut I have on my foot and I’m trying to walk normally and briskly (yes, the best word) but the cut hurts, darn it. So I start wondering if it’s getting infected. Then my thought is, “I should probably put Polysporin on it to be safe”. Then I start thinking, “wait, do I even have Polysporin at home?” And it goes on for a few more minutes and then I’m actually trying to visualize if I have that black tube of Polysporin in my bathroom drawer.

Anyway, I finally drop it, my foot calms down a bit and I begin to enjoy my morning walk. I get to the park with my dogs, they run around, then I go to leash Ruby, who’s under the picnic table. I lean down to attach the leash to her collar and she’s standing right beside a tube of Polysporin (yup, the black label one).

Yes, the exact thing I was thinking about for most of the walk! Out of all the garbage one has see in a park, how many times has it been a tube of Polysporin? Seriously. This is a clean park too. I think of all the times I’ve walked there I’ve maybe seen a handful of wrappers and a couple cans, on the high end.

Was this coincidence? I don’t believe coincidence is even a thing. I believe life is a movie screen with speed writers behind the screen editing and rewriting, at whichever speed we’re creating. And that’s really exciting news, in my view.

To wrap this Magic Story up, I kinda laughed but I knew it was the sign I asked for and then made another request: “Thank you very much. Let’s do that again”.

So I walked home and was thinking about the friend I wanted to go cross country skiing with this weekend. I thought, “I’ll text her as soon as I get home”. I turned the next street corner and who pulled up in her SUV? That exact friend. She said, “Hey! I was just going to message you today!” I said, “Mmhmm, me too :)”.

To follow up, I did NOT take the park tube of Polysporin and, good news, I did indeed have a tube in my bathroom drawer.

I hope this reminds you of your behind-the-scenes writers today :).



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