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Is the EGO Simply An Obsolete Aspect of Human Nature? - Consciousness - The Ego - Numerology

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

And where is humankind on an evolutionary scale?

Evolution of our species is being accelerated as each individual gains command of their lower, animal nature - or what is often referred to as the Ego.

This 'self' is primitive, basic, reactive, and programmed. It doesn’t have higher intelligence or the frequency of Love informing any of its operations.

In short, the Ego is the source of all misappropriation, suffering and limitation we observe in our world.

It is SUPER basic and highly disruptive to the human consciousness evolution. Think the Animal Version of you from hundreds of thousands of years ago…

It just reacts as per the survival program. If you do nothing to rise above it, you’ll live a life that is filled with Fear, uncontrollable emotional ups and downs, depression and unhappiness, anxiety, a feeling of total vulnerability and powerlessness in life, the perception of fierce competition, constant comparison to others, a pervading and destructive belief that it’s Us Vs Them about anything and everything, a feeling of fighting for resources or your share, and an existence that is focused on trying very hard to survive all. the. time.

Living from this aspect of the Human structure is harsh and brutally tough.

It's a very fragile and fearful existence that is void of power. And since the Ego has no power, it must use force.

The Ego and lower animal nature, however, does not need to play any significant role in our experience as humans anymore.

We have profoundly evolved to a species that is aware of another path, another technology within our existing nature and structure.

This technology is infinite, expansive, and has power to solve and transcend anything and everything.

This part does not know the word ‘Problem’ because it is the place where only ‘Solutions and Opportunities’ exist. Where ONLY Love, evolution, play, joy, and excellence prevail.

This part does not even see what the Ego sees. They are entirely different interpreters and perceivers of experience and reality.

The animal nature wants to conquer and gain for individual benefit and survival - BECAUSE it only sees finite resources and must rely on pure force as the energy of power is not accessible to the Ego. It absolutely has to play a subordinate survival role to Life, by design.

In contrast, the True Nature and Evolved Nature encoded within each of us is focused on collective well-being and Love, above all else, and in ALL circumstances. Because life and ALL within it is infinite.

There is no I or Individual in the Evolved Nature of humans.

The Ego is lower and personal. It is all about ‘I’.

But, the True Nature of what we are is higher in frequency and thus has true power, and is beautifully impersonal.

When we ascend beyond Ego, we are taking a very specific evolutionary step from a Personal And Individual Identification TO An Impersonal and Oneness Identification.

From Me to We.

Furthermore, this was actually coded into our language to show us the evolutionary path! If we go a step further and look at the Numerological Frequency of these words, we can see the guidance and wisdom moving us from Me to We.

‘Me’ is a 9 in Numerology - the shadow manifestation of this frequency is what we observe as selfishness in ourselves and in others. The True Nature of this frequency is selflessness and service. But what can come beyond and above selflessness and service?

After 9 comes 10…

And ‘We’ is a 10 in Numerology - the number of Perfection and Inclusion of ALL Numbers - All Frequencies. It represents the perfect whole. It is the realization of ONENESS. And the word ‘oneness’ is also a 10 frequency in Numerology.

Humankind is a single organism with a collective power of Love that could blow the polluted, conflict-ridden top right off this planet - in an instant - and reveal a stunning beauty, a brilliance, a natural peace, and an entirely new world that is awaiting us! All from a conscious and simple return to Love.

That’s where we’re headed folks … as I perceive it!!

I love you and we are ONE!



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