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Is Self-Doubt stopping you?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

What is Self-Doubt?  If you were to look up self-doubt in the dictionary you would find: lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

Where does this come from?  We weren’t born this way. Why do we suddenly start asking ourselves if we are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough?  This happens because at some point in time, likely in early childhood, we got messages from those around us (and society at large) that we aren't as good as we originally thought or felt we were.

In short, our bubble gets burst and we form a new opinion of ourselves that begins to question all that we purely thought before, as an innocent, self loving child. This is how we learn to be fearful. Fearlessness and trust are the innate qualities we're born with and they powerfully support our ability to be courageous and confident. As soon as we begin to fear, our capacities for courageous pursuit of a goal or desire are diminished. As fear takes hold in the subconscious mind through beliefs such as I am not good enough, our focus goes from our internal cues and desires to a predominant fixation on and need for external approval and validation. As soon as you need the external to validate your existence or path, you lose your personal power and you become powerless. Yuck!

When faced with a challenge, we want our inner voice to encourage us - work with us!

Professionally, when we are fearful and doubting ourselves, we end up performing sub-optimally, which prevents us from accomplishing the goals we’ve set and this brings on even MORE DOUBT and FEAR.   When faced with a challenge, we want our inner voice to encourage us - work with us - just like it did when we were full of confidence and faith in ourselves! This is true empowerment.

Where can we start, what can we do?

It’s time to start believing in yourself again. Trust yourself, love who you are in all of your brilliant uniqueness and honour your deepest desires.  Clean up your subconscious programming and eliminate the negative, bull-shit beliefs that are just messing with you and your big plans.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or fearful - know that this is all coming from a belief and that you have the absolute power to choose and change your beliefs. It's simpler than you could ever imagine and with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), it can be done in as little as one session (and no more than 3). You just need to uncover the limited belief(s), understand where they came from and then rewire them back to the original, empowered beliefs you were born with. 

My clients often come to me very frustrated because they've tried, for years or decades, to change old habits at the emotional and behavioural level. This is very difficult to do because you can’t induce true change by targeting just the emotion (ie. fear, dread) or behaviour (ie. procrastination).  You need to go deeper, to the source or root cause in the subconscious mind. Lasting change occurs at the subconscious level and then the new, desired emotions and behaviours are a natural consequence or effect.

When you understand the mechanics of transformation, it's so much easier (and enjoyable) to create the new life or change you want quickly!  


Ready to ELIMINATE that Self-Doubt?

You can reach out with your questions or to schedule a consultation at

I work with clients both in person and/or online in the comfort of their own home or office.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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