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What Did I Learn at the TradersEXPO New York?

The most pressing question I was asked at the EXPO was:

How do I deal with fear and self-doubt when I’m trading?

Sara Laamanen - Speaking at the TradersEXPO in New York City
Sara Laamanen - Speaking at the TradersEXPO in New York City

I’d like to start by saying this was an ambitious and brilliant crowd! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with all of the amazing individuals looking for higher performance levels and for ways to reduce the fear response around risk-taking to really leverage their intuition.

What I know from top performer feedback within the industry is that trader intuition specifically, feels like a sense of calm coupled with excitement. It may be accompanied by a thought such as: “How can I see this so clearly and nobody else does?”

That thought comes with excitement and inspiration, but not fear. There may be a sense of wonder and “How can this be so easy?” but the ‘feeling’ around it is calm clarity. It’s an elevated state of calm confidence and inspiration. It’s exciting but feels almost ‘easy’. Think of being frantic and now think of the opposite state. Can you get a sense for that?

This is very different from a state of fear and this is what all traders are essentially reaching for; a developed sense of knowing, eagerness and trust that has an underlying resonance of calm. The mind cannot hold calm confidence and fear at the same time because it cannot hold conflicting beliefs (one of the 'Rules of the Mind' within RTT) so we know that you are in one of two states, but not both at the same time.

The mind also doesn’t know the difference between fear and excitement, interestingly!

The mind also doesn’t know the difference between fear and excitement, interestingly! So how do you know then, which state you’re in and how can one develop that calm confidence for an intuitive edge?

This intuitive edge, a state of knowing, inspiration and calm clarity, will guide you to sensing, with confidence, when a risk position is appropriate and will pay off and there’s a common requirement that must be present in order to leverage it and that is: having the subconscious program that optimizes your ability to read the internal cues and external information around you, without having to rely on analytics entirely.

It is, in short, the act of installing the right software program that facilitates your ability to receive clear feeling signals. Intuition is a feeling and not a thinking technology.

Now, let’s de-mystify this. The first question to answer is: What is the software program and optimal ‘code’ that facilitates intuitive trading?

The founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Britain’s #1 Therapist, Marisa Peer, calls this optimal code, the pure and original beliefs we were all born with, the Original Code. This Original Code of balanced and empowered self beliefs is not only what facilitates intuitive trading, it is also the most empowering code for fueling human potential.

This Original Code, simply put, includes the essential beliefs to help support our development, balance and growth. Babies and very young children are so full of self-belief and perseverance that they can reach milestone after milestone, in a joyful way despite their many failures and falls. They can do this because they have beliefs that are supporting their development and providing feedback and encouragement 24/7. This is how rapid development is made possible within our species.

If a baby had a critical, judgmental and harsh inner dialogue with themselves every time they fell or got messy, they’d quit or give up on life. Well, the very same is true for adults. If our Original Code is no longer running and has been re-coded to our disadvantage, we live far below our potential on all levels.

It’s THE Code that supports all of the greatest and most evolved human expression and interaction.

So you need this essential software program installed within your subconscious mind to even open you up to intuition. Excitingly, this is the same software program that wires you for perfect health, perfect weight, and loving, connected, fulfilling relationships. It’s THE Code that supports all of the greatest and most evolved human expression and interaction. You NEED this code to have a fulfilling, happy, rich, healthy life.

How do you get it?

Almost all (95%) of our thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviours/performance and results are governed by the instructions running in our subconscious mind. The secret to success that very few actually use and leverage is the power we have to choose our program and install the results we desire.

If you have the complete Original Code installed and running in your mind, you are like a well-oiled machine. You don’t have things breaking down or interfering with your life or performance. It is, in short, the ultimate code we should all be running in order to live to our highest potential. It's exactly what nature intended for us. Perhaps we should change the name of it from the Original Code to The Ultimate Code because it is the foundational structure that underlies your greatest potential.

This code, that your mind was originally wired with, gave you all the software instructions you needed to be confident, to have courage, to collaborate effectively, to be creative, to connect with others, it also fed your curiosity, and supported a calmness of mind that enabled focus; all of the key top performer qualities found in any industry, sport or expression of human talent.


Think it's time for you to re-activate your Original Code?

You can reach out with your questions or to schedule a consultation at

I work with clients both in person and/or online in the comfort of their own home or office.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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