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What Does a Childhood Memory Have to Do with Your Anxiety Today? Everything.

How is it that RTT can work so powerfully and so quickly, exactly? Because it offers freedom within the part of the mind that holds all the suffering: the subconscious mind (also known as the emotional mind and the inner child).

Imagine your subconscious mind as a child living and breathing within you. The beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind (the inner child) create our thoughts and feelings in every moment, of every day. So think of that little child within as the direct source of your thoughts and feelings now, in the present. How does that child feel? How cared for is that child? Now think about your childhood and all of the experiences, messaging from adults and peers and events that happened to you as a child. Now think of that same child living within you and imagine if he/she is happy, feels safe, feels connected, feels loved unconditionally, and feels empowered to do anything in his/her heart.

Unfortunately, almost all of us would say that little child is very sad, frightened, confused, angry and believes that there’s something wrong with him, that she isn’t lovable or worthy of the good she sees in the world or that love, connection, success, or happiness isn't really available to him.

So what can we do to help this child? There are powerful tools available to help release the pain and sadness within this inner child/our subconscious. What is the pain? Simply put, the pain (ie. anxiety as an adult) is only a memory playing on a loop in your mind, over and over again, re-creating the exact same thoughts and feelings that you originally felt at the time of the event or scene. That is the source of your problem and the answer to your problem: accessing those looping memories and associated beliefs and changing, re-coding them in your subconscious mind.

Imagine all of the sad memories in your subconscious mind being fuel for your emotional pain and suffering today. If you starve off the source of fuel, the pain will die. This is exactly what I do with my clients. We go to the exact memories that are playing on a loop in their mind, like a song on repeat, recreating the sadness, the addiction, the depression, the anxiety, the relationship problems, the career issues, the constant self-doubt and we re-frame them to reflect the truth about who they are and delete anything that is false.

It’s easier than you think, has a profound impact on your life and future and is the most liberating event.

But how do you dissolve and release a painful memory? It’s easier than you think, has a profound impact on your life and future and is the most liberating event. We are all walking around with tonnes and tonnes of psychic weight that's clouding our joy, happiness, ability to see the truth about who we are and what is truly available to us. I have seen clients walk out of my office or end a session online, having lifted tonnes of decades-old psychological weight off their shoulders and they look different. They actually look physically different before my eyes. The comments I hear most frequently after a session are: I feel lighter, something is different, I feel so good, I feel different.

They feel this way and look different because they are no longer carrying dead weight from the past. The past is in the past. It is done, it is over, it is gone. Memories are experienced as a feeling of weight or heaviness because they no longer carry the vital energy that is only available through the present moment. We can't bring the past with us, we can only be here, in the now. Any memories we drag along with us and keep experiencing, are holding us apart from today and acting as a heaviness in our hearts (depression, anxiety, isolation, fear, chronic worry and stress). These memories from the past are not life-giving or inspiring. They're dead weight that can be released so easily and to such great effect. Once you see (through hypnotherapy) what memories and beliefs you've really been carrying around all this time, you have a profound new level of understanding. You can see exactly why you feel the way you do.

When you live in the past chronically, you are robbed of today. You can't even see and experience your life in the moment because the past is essentially haunting you. And it has nothing to do with today. It's just a memory and memories have no power over us when we change the way the memory data is playing in our subconscious. This is where freedom is discovered, I believe. Being in the present moment and totally free of the past, the unadulterated experience of now. Just as a child would be: filled with awe and wonder, excited about life in this moment and happy to be him/herself.

Every client I’ve ever worked with has always looked at the memories and come to the conclusion that the beliefs they formed about themselves in that moment were never true. And if they weren’t true then, they couldn’t possibly be true now, today. This is the moment when you can free yourself from the painful past forever. You can take that memory and delete the belief you created in that moment and free that child of the pain source. She or he can be freed and freed in that instant. No matter what has happened to you, the truth that you are lovable, connected to all of life, have access to what you want to experience in life, are enough and have everything you need within you (already) has never changed and can never change. No amount of trauma, sadness or suffering can change those universal facts. You are and always have been perfectly lovable. You just need to reawaken your inner child to these truths. She/he has forgotten.

You are and always have been perfectly lovable.

These are the laws of nature and life. Nature makes no mistakes. We are all supposed to be here and we are all so lovable and enough exactly as we are. When the inner child (Subconscious Mind) reactivates these original beliefs that we were all born with, coded with, you return to a natural state of inner peace, happiness, connectivity, creative expression, and whatever your natural state of brilliance is.

This is what I wish for everyone, for all of us.

Starve the source of your suffering and You are Free.




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