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The Confident Trader - Download Today!

The Confident Trader - Download Today!

When you have calm confidence as a Trader, you can trust yourself and your decision-making.  Why?  Because calm confidence keeps you in the most intelligent and creative parts of your brain, exactly where your Trading analysis and decision-making needs to come from to achieve optimal performance.


Think of calm confidence as having immunity to illogical fear that is enormously powerful in sabotaging your efforts because it activates a part of your brain that shuts down your intelligence.  Fear and doubt move you into “survival mode” and out of “creative intelligence mode”. The key is to stay in the right mode that will keep you in the right regions of the brain – the areas that support intelligent decision-making and the most incredible capacities we have as creative human beings.  


This key mode or state is essential to truly leveraging your skills and realizing your greatest potential.  


How do we stay in this key state?  When you wire your subconscious mind for deep confidence, by re-coding self-doubt back to self-esteem, you are telling your mind and body that ‘all is well’, you are capable and in control, because you are enough.  When you send this consistent message to the brain, you hardwire it in as a core belief and you are no longer at the mercy of your misleading emotions and fear. It’s like creating a bypass route to your higher intelligence and skills.  You become in charge of your powerful mind because you can finally control which centers are activated and are informing your decision making, when you have hardwired confidence.  


This powerful Hypnosis Audio by Sara Laamanen, Cl Hyp. ARTT, is a highly effective tool for reprogramming your mind for lasting, true confidence as a Trader.  Harness all the incredible intelligence and skill that nature gave you so you can step up as the confident, skillful trader that you know you really are!


This Audio is for you if:

  • You let doubt affect the way you manage a position.
  • You have abandoned your process, time and time again, to your own bewilderment and frustration.
  • You know you could yield much greater results if you could just stick to your plan and process.
  • You become overwhelmed with emotion, fear and doubt while trading.
  • You feel stuck in your trading performance and have a sense that something is blocking your growth to the next level.


Imagine what is possible for you and your trading performance with greater self-belief and confidence.  Every moment of trading from a state of true confidence can have an exponential effect on your results.  Think of what your results would be after years of incrementally making more accurate decisions through your clear, calm, and focused mind. Every degree of positive change in confidence and self-esteem can create a compounding effect on your trading performance and bottom line. And not only that, having deeper confidence creates a ripple effect throughout your entire life, automatically elevating your relationships, health, and enjoyment of life.

Listen to this audio: every day for 30 days and watch the changes that emerge in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Observe how you trade and move through your day with a greater sense of ease and self-trust, freeing you to perform and work at a level that is truly productive.

The quality of your decisions, results, relationships, and sense of fulfilment are all a direct reflection of your self-esteem and true confidence because confidence directly influences which state you primarily function from.  If you restore your confidence, you are restoring your greatest potential and your power to leverage your mind and create the life and results you desire.

Start your journey with me today and get your copy of The Confident Trader to unlock the greatest version of you and start performing like the confident Trader you know you are!  

How long is this Audio?  25 minutes


How will I get access to the Audio?  Immediately after purchasing your audio, you will receive an email with access.  Your purchase will include 4 versions: MP3, WAV, both with or without music, to accommodate your listening preferences.  Please allow 15 minutes to receive your email with access. 

How long should I listen to this Audio for?  At least 30 days, for optimal results.

Who is this Audio for?  If internal doubt and fear affect the way you trade, then this audio is perfect for you.  Addressing doubt at the level of self-belief will change how you perform and, therefore, your results.  With strong, lasting, and true confidence you will emerge as an empowered Trader, seeing the market and responding with a much keener sense of clarity, skill, and intelligence. 



  • Downloading Information

    The digital file you will receive is in Zip Format.  Inside you will receive:

    • 2 MP3 files, one with background sound, the other just my voice
    • 2 WAV files, one with background sound, the other just my voice

    To "UNZIP" a file:

    Windows 7 and 10
    – Right-click on the Zip file and choose “Extract All”
    – Choose a location for the folder to be extracted into
    – Keep the “Show extracted files when complete”, unchecked
    – Click on the “Extract” button to start the extraction
    – This folder is now your working copy of the Zip file
    – You may delete or keep the ZIP file

    Windows XP and Vista
    – Double click on the zip folder
    – In the window that opens, click on the “Extract all Files” link
    – The “Extraction Wizard” will open, click “Next”
    – Choose a destination for your unzipped folder
    – Click “Finish” to complete the download
    – This folder is now your working copy of the Zip file
    – You may delete it or keep the ZIP file

    – Double click on the zip file
    – Done

    Here are the instructions for mobile device or tablets:

    You’ll need to download a third-party app in order to open any zip file. 

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