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20 Minute Complimentary Consultation and Assessment

To new clients interested in my One Month or Three Month Mind RECODE Programs, I offer a 20 Minute Complimentary Consultation and Assessment call. To schedule your consultation please click here and include your preferred contact phone number along with which Country and time zone you reside in.  If you are based outside of North America, we will do our consultation on Zoom.

Session & Program Options

True Nature Session

When we experience our True Nature and 'The Self', we have the very real opportunity to transcend human suffering and emotional turmoil.  This is the path of non-dual awareness.  


During our 1 hour session, I will help guide you to the radiant, infinite, sovereign being that is your True Nature and the eternal source of tranquility, peace, joy and love.  


Through techniques that assist in transcending the mind and pain, I will point you toward that which you already are and is waiting to come forward!  Schedule your True Nature Session here!

Signature 12 Hour Transformation Program

If you’re ready for massive change and you want to partner with someone who can help get you there, then my Signature 12 Hour Program is the one for you!  


Together, we will target the issues that are holding you back from living the life you dream of and move you to a new level of freedom and joy. The most powerful way to work with me and create monumental change in your life is through this program, which gives you an exciting opportunity to clean up a significant portion of your limiting beliefs and negative inner influences through Energy Dowsing / Clearings, Hypnosis, discovering your unique Numerology Blueprint and spiritual guidance to bring you into alignment with your True Nature.  


When you sign up for the Signature 12 Hour Transformation Program we become transformational allies and you will have additional support and mentorship from me, as you move through the stages of change.  There are no limits to what is possible when we join forces for your highest good, joy and ultimate freedom.  


Interested? The first step is to Book Your Consultation with Sara.  Book here!

Numerology Session

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers that is a powerful tool for discovering and deciphering the very unique design and purpose of your life and how to better understand where your greatest fulfillment, success and ease lies.  


I will share your Basic 6 Number Blueprint with you and reveal the insights I see in your chart, that can provide a clearer understanding of what you came here to do, what type of natural gifts you possess, how the world perceives you and, what brings your soul peace and joy!


Let's start here together.

Business Consulting Sessions

One Month Trader RECODE Program

Dissolve the fear, greed and frustration impacting all of your trading decisions and behaviours with this powerful Trader Confidence RECODE Program.


Successful traders have an ability to stay calm, focused and composed under pressure and they have the ability to maintain this state while analyzing the markets and making trading decisions. This ability to hold a performance state under various pressures or circumstances paves the way for optimal performance. It’s this very state of mind and being that allows them to access their instincts and intuition, which is every trader’s edge.


Fear is the great saboteur of this state. To trade like a professional, you need to be operating above the level of fear and frustration. There is a subconscious code that supports this exact capacity and updating your program to this level will powerfully leverage your skills to take your trading to the next level.


The Trader Confidence RECODE Program includes:

1 Hypnotherapy session (2 Hour Session), your custom Transformational Audio, 2 50 Minute RECODE Coaching Sessions (at Day 15 and Day 30, approximately). 

Book your Trader Confidence RECODE Program now!


Traders who have been through the program report the following:

"The fear that ruled my trading is now totally under control. I’m taking risks very easily and it’s a huge relief. This method brought me exactly what I’ve been searching for, for so many months. I’m very happy! Now that the fear is gone, I can see how much better I can get technically. Correcting these technical mistakes is easy and I can now do what I have to without being controlled by fear. Fear can be regulated and I have done this! So now I can really work to get better – before I was stuck in the emotion.
There’s a sense of freedom now."

"I’ve uncovered so many technical and system errors I was making since completing the Trader Confidence RECODE program. I can’t even believe how many unnecessary errors and mistakes I was making - and I wasn’t even aware of them. I’m at a whole new level of trading now, I’m trading like a true professional and it’s paying off."

"Now I know when to step back and stop. I used to make a mistake and then panic and try to correct it. I now have the innate ability to step back and not act and it’s saved me from making so many mistakes and big losses. I’m just not making those unnecessary mistakes any more. My trading is going very well and I’m sticking to what I’m supposed to be doing. That desperation feeling is gone."

"My results were very rapid! It’s life-changing and mind-blowing how quick it happened! Immediately after our session, I felt a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I can’t believe how calm I feel while trading and how slow things are moving around me now. The pressure and stress that was weighing on me before isn’t there. My confidence is way up and I’m not making the dumb mistakes I used to make. My decisions are clearer. I’m way calmer and less emotional. I’m not second-guessing myself as much, I’m more patient and sticking to what I know I need to do and that’s all I need."

Program Pricing

Sara will discuss the various investment levels for her programs in full during your Free 20 Minute Complimentary Consultation and Assessment call.  Once your particular needs and circumstances are understood, she will make a recommendation for achieving optimal results and outline the commitment and investment involved.

Payment Methods: Your program fee is paid via eTransfer, PayPal or credit card payment upon booking, in order to confirm your appointment.


I look forward to the opportunity to support and guide you on your path to ultimate freedom and success.  It can start right here.

To your freedom and ultimate fulfillment,


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