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Who YOU Truly Are!

Rediscover your TRUE Self and the EFFORTLESS MAGIC of your LIFE!  Find success where you haven’t
looked before; within the
Code of Who YOU Truly Are!

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this 8-week program
starting January 20, 2022

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starting January 20, 2022

Rediscover your TRUE Self and the EFFORTLESS MAGIC of your LIFE!  Find success where you haven’t looked before; within the Code of Who YOU Truly Are!


8 Week Program beginning Thursday, January 20, 2022


"The formula of happiness and success is just being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can." Meryl Streep


Join us for 8 weeks and discover the path to happiness and success by simply being your most vivid self!  Unlock the underlying magic of your life to LIVE your dreams and LOVE full-out, being unapologetically you!


Are you ready to meet the most important person you will ever meet, YOUR TRUE SELF?  


In our journey together, you will come to truly know yourself and realize the confidence to Be the real YOU through:


  • Rediscovering and awakening to your true spiritual nature, 

  • Uncovering your hidden talents, purpose, and gifts coded into your unique Numerology blueprint, and

  • Unlocking your natural self-esteem and confidence to be your unapologetic, unique, brilliant Self by shedding the unconscious blocks and fears you didn’t even know you had.


I am Sara Laamanen Cl.Hyp., Adv.RTT, your guide through a magical 8-week program grounded in spiritual teachings, along with practical practices and techniques, to support your transformational shifts, and to help you meet your highest, truest Self.  


Living from our true nature opens us up to the magic and ease of life, and to the experience of natural, effortless success that comes by simply being and trusting our most vivid, authentic Self.


Stand Eye-to-Eye with Your TRUE SELF by discovering: 

  • The nature of our existence and who we are at a spiritual level.

  • The unique Numerology blueprint we were given, and the gifts hidden within it.

  • And releasing the subconscious blocks that are holding you back from being your true self.

  • Your genius, power, and purpose.

  • The power of a fearless community committed to one another's courageous and authentic self.

  • Confidence and self-acceptance, leaving masks and perfectionism in the past for a freer, more joyful, deeply CONNECTED, FUN life.


8 Weeks to Meet Your True Self

  • Weekly Live 90 Minute Zoom Group Coaching calls with Sara

  • Accountability partner 

  • Community

  • Live Q&A, shares, connecting

  • Video recordings of all the training, chats, and Q&A sessions. 

  • Private Facebook Group, share, embrace & Celebrate

Don't delay, reserve your spot today!

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